Remedy & Care is an exclusive natural treatment range, to counter the most common disorders of hair and scalp. The synergic combination of nature and science gives birth to three different formulations and blends of natural extracts, acting as boosters for hair health: beauty and wellness are guaranteed simply with a natural care gesture.
OH COMPLEX, with nettle, burdock and lavender, is especially targeted to scalp with excessive sebum secretion, as it cleanses skin pores and normalizes sebaceous secretion, keeping hair light and soft.


sebo therapy SHAMPOO

Greasy scalp 250ml/1000ml

Sebum regulating shampoo, that helps to normalize the sebum excess of the scalp, encouraging its natural balance.


sebo therapy TREATMENT

Greasy scalp 10ml vials x 10

Soothing, normalizing lotion that reduces sebum secretion, assuring scalp cleanliness and giving lightness to hair.



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