Hydration, softness, sheen and silkiness: this is the amazing effect of Ylang Feel Good with ylang ylang oil, a precious hair care ally, nourishing and moisturizing the hair.


Ylang Feel Good Shampoo

Gentle shampoo 250ml

Hair care starts with deep but delicate cleansing. The Ylang Feel Good Shampoo formula revives natural hair sheen, moisturises and gives tone thanks to the amino acid complex and the essential oil of ylang ylang.


Ylang Feel Good Mist

Light cream 200ml

A light cream to hold the hair set, it protects hair from heat while drying, it is nourishing, moisturising and leaves hair soft without making it heavy. A heat‐activated combination of amino acids derived from coconut and a panthenol derivative are the fundamental ingredients of this product, to which is added the essential oil of ylang. The presence of vitamin E, antioxidant par excellence, improves blood circulation of the scalp and renews hair appearance.


Ylang Feel Good Cream Conditioner

Mask 500ml

A gentle perfumed mask, rich in active ingredients and a true beauty support even for the limpest, weakest hair. The blend of amino acids strengthens hair structure, improves its consistency and body, moisturises and conditions and, in combination with the essential oil of ylang ylang, gives sheen and improves hair aspect and structure, normalising even split ends.


Ylang Feel Good Serum

Lighting serum 100ml

The strong point of this rich formula is the combined action of its beneficial ingredients. Avocado oil is a true panacea for hair: it moisturises and nourishes without making hair heavy, it instantly improves hair appearance, lending it sheen and silkiness. The UV filter protects from sunshine and light, while the antioxidant properties of vitamin E renew hair. Lastly the oil of ylang ylang gives perfume, sheen and strengthens hair.



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